RG. Equine Services


Quotes I've been riding with Rachel for a year now and I love it SO much. Rachel is the best trainer ever. I?ve learned so much stuff from her. When she teaches you, she is not mean or rude whenever you do something wrong. She nicely tells you what you need to do and doesn?t make you feel bad. I love training with Rachel because she not only teaches you how to ride a horse, but she teaches you how to take care of a horse and how to clean and groom a horse. Also, when training with Rachel, you leave the lesson happy, never mad or angry. During lessons, all her attention is focused on you and the horse and she tries her best to get you to understand how to be a better rider. Rachel is not only my trainer but she is also one of my best friends. I would never choose to train with anyone else. She has taught me everything I know about horses and more.(: Quotes

Quotes The reason I love to ride horses is because of my first and only horse trainer Rachel. She taught me how to take care of a horse. Rachel is a great trainer because she learns about her students and then matches them to the horse that best fits their style, age and ability. WHen I tried to give up, and got scared she persisted to encourage me and find ways to have fun with this sport-even though it is alot of hard work. This is the only activity I've stayed with for the past 4 years. The other sports, activities and hobbies were fine but nothing compares to the feeling of riding a horse that knows what you want it to do! Thanks Rachel-YOU ARE THE BEST! Love, Selena Quotes

Quotes I asked Rachel to help transition my new horse, Vinnie. I recently purchased him and he had been pastured for over a year so I wanted to get him back in shape for riding. Throughout his training, I have found Rachel to be very conscientious and hard working. Her communication with my horse is exceptional; she intuitively gets what she wants without being overbearing. You can see how much Vinnie likes working with Rachel. I'm constantly amazed by her energy and dedication. I'm glad that Rachel has started this journey with Vinnie and me. Quotes
Nancy Ortiz-Sharp